How To Make Advieh?

by Samira

Advieh or Persian spice mix plays a very important role in flavoring and coloring Iranian food. These plants and dried leaves can create all these colors and flavors for any food. They usually give a very mild taste to food. Seasonings and spices are added to food to improve a special color, flavor, or aroma. Such as turmeric, saffron, and pepper. Spices, in addition to their effect on the taste and aroma of food, also have several medicinal properties. Here, we will get more acquainted with all the famous spices that are used in Iranian cuisine.


What Is Advieh?

A powder called spice or Advieh is a mixture of the seeds, fruits, flowers, or fragrant leaves of several plants that are native to the tropics. The most widely used Iranian spices are often dry and a small amount of them can be stored in closed containers for a long time. There are beautiful metal or glass containers on the market to store these materials on the kitchen shelf, but the cheapest container for many of them is jam jars with metal lids.

The name of each spice can be written on the glass and arranged on shelves in the order of consumption. Some of these ingredients, such as saffron and cardamom, which are expensive and low in consumption, can be placed in smaller jars and stored in the refrigerator. Spice jar lids should be firm enough so that their aroma does not disappear.


How to Store Advieh

Most aromatic seeds do not have an aroma if they are not powdered. Also, if the spices are stored for a long time, their taste and aroma will gradually change. There are two things to keep in mind when storing spices in the kitchen.

  • As a general rule, keep ground spices for one year and whole spices for two years.
  • Whole spices usually keep for longer than their ground counterparts, since they lose less oil to the air than ground spices.


Spices Widely Used In Iranian Cuisine


Cardamom is a fragrant seed. The pods contain a number of seeds. You can use the whole cardamom pod or ground cardamom. White cardamom is used for sweets and green cardamom is used to flavor foods and tea.


Cinnamon is a very useful aromatic spice. Cinnamon is used in a variety of mixed spices for various dishes, and in a variety of creams, puddings, and sweets, cinnamon is a flavoring and aromatic spice. Cinnamon is taken from the inner bark of its fragrant tree. When choosing a cinnamon stick, make sure that the cinnamon stick is round and tangled like the picture.


Coriander seeds are actually the seeds of the coriander plant, which has a pleasant aroma and pleasant taste and is used in a variety of mixed spices. To ground the seeds, we put them in a grinding machine or blender. It is better to toast the grains on a gentle heat before grinding them to increase their aroma and flavor.


Cumin is a fragrant, flavorful, and unique spice, its benefits are widely known and it is used for a variety of pilafs and sauces. Cumin spice is definitely used in mixed spices and cinnamon is the main spice of Loobia Polo.


In most traditional Persian dishes, garlic is used along with onion. Garlic powder is both flavorful and has a strong aroma and adds the benefits of garlic to food. You can make garlic powder at home too. Peel the garlic and slice and dry each of them. After the garlic slices are completely dry, grind them into powder.


Turmeric is one of the most widely used spices in cooking, which is combined with a variety of peppers and other spices to make curry powder. This spice is the basis of almost all spice compounds for cooking, which is also widely used in cooking a variety of Iranian food.


Sumac has a sour taste. The plant of this spice grows in different shapes and colors in nature.

Dried Rose Petals

This spice is used in rice mixture spices as well as for baking some traditional Iranian cakes and sweets.


Saffron is the most famous and expensive spice that is widely used in Iranian food and all kinds of cookies and sweets. This spice has a very dominant taste and unique aroma and should be used in powdered form. Saffron should be brewed with water before use to release its color and aroma.


Advieh (Persian Spice Mix)

Usually, we have all kinds of spices at home and in the kitchen cabinets. In the following, we will tell you how to prepare different types of spices, but we did not specify the amount of each ingredient so that you can add or subtract according to your taste.

Advieh Polow (Advieh Berenj)

Advieh Berenj is used to make Loobia Polo and mixed rice dishes such as Kalam Polo and Havij Polo and sometimes for Gheymeh Polo. Composition of rice spices: dried rose petals, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom.

Advieh Abgoosht

Cumin, black cumin, coriander seeds, black pepper, turmeric, dried fenugreek, onion and some wholemeal flour are ground and mixed together.

Advieh Khoresht Gheymeh

The special spice of the Khoresht Gheymeh is dried lime powder, cinnamon and a little bit of dried rose petal. Some people use rosewater instead of dried rose petals.


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